The Mother Ireland Project

Now in Development

Lewis Barfoot

Current projects

Drawing on her dual heritage Lewis is developing an exceptional and essential new performance piece with music and song called "Mother Ireland". Which seeks to give voice to the silenced feminine in her lineage in Ireland.

Lewis is currently creating her debut album "Folkalism"collaborating with Folk musicians from Solasta: Essa Flett and Hannah Thomas and old time collaborator Matt Dibble. She is looking for funding support to help make this happen. Do get in touch if you would like to back the project.

For both of these projects she had been generously supported with time and space as artist in residence at Greywood and Hawkwood.

Artist in Residence

May 2018 - Greywood Arts, Killeagh, Cork, Ireland - Mother Ireland r&d

July 2018 - Greywood Arts, Killeagh, Cork, Ireland - Mother Ireland r&d

Feb 2019 - Hawkwood, Stroud, UK - Development of Folkalism album

Song collecting

Passionate about keeping the old songs alive, Lewis joined the Song Collectors Collective in 2018 and made her first field trip to Ireland to document the old songs from the Irish Traveller community. To listen to some of these recordings listen here. She has also started song collecting in her home town of London.