Lewis Barfoot

I trained at ALRA graduating in 2002 with a "Critics choice" in the Stage. I've have had some pretty cool experiences over the years. Highlights include making my first solo show - "the history of the pomegranate" and being awarded an Arts Council Grant to make it. Touring the world with 1927 was a great experience: 21 countries in 11 months! Part of the role was being an ambassador for the arts with the British Council which was awesome,  a bit scary and a huge learning opportunity to engage in talks about and palpably feel the benefit of sharing theatre between cultures. Playing Queen Isabel opposite Kevin Spacey in Richard II was a blast of wonderment. And working with Kath Burlinson on the devised show WOLF, was a rocket blast of authenticity and learning and where I met my dear husband. I still work as an actor and love collaborating with people on modern visual work and classical beautiful texts, so give me a call if you want to work with me.

I sing, I dance, I act.


Bedtime Stories (Mum)

The Animal & Children (Caretaker, Mrs Villycar)

The Taming of the Shrew (Kate)

Cyrano (Valvert, Lise, Duenna)

The History of the Pomegranate (Solo show)

Incontinental (Lou)

WOLF (alpha female)

Hidden Birds

Up The Cafe de Paris (Vi)

Beginning with Blobs (Water)


Hedda Gabler (Hedda)

Richard II ( Queen Isabel)

When Five Years Pass (Manniquin)

Richard II (Gentlewoman)

Hamlet (Player Queen)


Midsummer Night's Dream (Puck/Quince/Helena)

The Snow Queen (Gerda)

Macbeth the Panto (Macbeth)


Soy Luna (Amanda)

Transforming the Food Systems                                                 

Film and TV

Appreciate (1940's Mum)

Forgiven (Policewoman)

Sunday Rest Sunday Play (Julia)

A Million Pounds Don't come for Free (Lara)

Pissed on the Job (Pippa)

Play it again (Ilsa)

Whitey Blighty (Millie)                                        

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1927 World Tour

Aquila, NYC

Aquila, NYC

Jacksons Lane

CPT & Latitude

Authentic Artists

Hidden Birds Company

Three Beyond The Sea


Arcola & Austrian Tour

Bulandra, Bucharest

The Old Vic, German Tour


The Old Vic

The Old Vic

Company FZ UK Tour

Orange Tree Theatre

C- Venues

Shakespeare for Breakfast


Paul McCartney Music Video

Betty TV/More 4


Bursteardrum Films

Betty TV/Channel 4

Imogen O'Rorke

Tiger Aspect/ Channel 4


Vicky Amedume

Suzanne Andrade

Desiree Sanchez

Desiree Sanchez

Kath Burlinson

Kazuko Hohki

Kath Burlinson

Abigail Anderson

Kath Burlinson

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Christian Winkler

Christian Winkler

Trevor Nunn/Steven Rayne Charlie Westenra

Trevor Nunn

Trevor Nunn

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Clare Prenton


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