Coaching sessions

I facilitate 1 on 1 coaching sessions for actors and non-actors addressing aspects of performance & presentation. Drawing on 14 years of experience creating, directing and performing in theatre I support students in gaining Self confidence on and off stage.

Sessions are each tailormade to meet the needs of the student. Subjects I frequently cover are: voicing the authentic voice, public speaking, approaches to Shakespeare, Audition technique and drama school mock auditions. I also work with expressing emotional context that may be blocked and getting in the way of allowing you to be your fullest, most balanced and whole self. Each session is crafted to the individual’s needs & takes place in Brockley, London. Although I can travel to meet you.

Frequently asked questions:

"How many sessions do I need?"

That depends on you, your needs, and what you can afford. I always meet people for a 90min introductory session. To see if we work together. Then most people have 6-8 x 2hr sessions. We can be very thorough and cover a good amount of ground in this time. Some students come for much longer and some just a handful of sessions.

"How much does it cost?"

I operate a sliding scale price. The Student/low wage rate is £45/hr or £80/2hrs. Standard rate £55/hr or £100/2hrs. Corporate rate is £80/hr or £150/2hr. Most people pay in cash on the day.

"What days can I come for a session"  

I see people Monday - Saturday between 10am and 6pm. If you can only make evenings or Sundays, I can work around that with enough notice.

"Can we meet on skype?"

Yes we can. But it's not ideal. Some areas of the coaching I do are possible on skype but the bulk of the work needs to be done in person.

What previous Clients & Students have said:

“I´ve put in practice all I´ve learned with you.  

Last Friday I was asked to do a goodbye speech, I was caught by surprise and had not prepared anything. But I took deep breaths, made eye contact and just spoke. I was happy to see that they found my jokes funny -and even things I did not think were funny generated laughter and smiles.

It was a great feeling and it´s all because of our communication sessions. Really, many thousand thanks for sharing your knowledge with me" - Solicitor

"I cannot tell you how helpful it has been to me"- Private coaching student

"Most importantly you taught me that it's not only ok to make mistakes, it's wonderful! - Drama Student

"You've opened me up to a world of possibilities" Drama Student

"You created such a special, warm & safe atmosphere" Private coaching student