Lewis Barfoot

Creative explorations in body and voice. For Women only. Working specifically with individual archetypes we will explore how these universal energies can be expressed in body and voice. We will explore the physical, energetic, vocal, vibrational and psychological world of each archetype and discover what we can learn from them: Not only as a palette of colour for our work as artists/actors/singers/performers but also how they can inform and empower us in our lives personally. The Archetypes I intend to explore will include: The Wise Woman, The Warrior, Queen, The Huntress, The Maiden, The Lover,/sensual Dancer, The Crone, The Trickster, The Golden Child as well as looking at specific Goddesses. The work will focus on the positive pole of each archetype although there will be some reference to the shadow side.  Maximum 8 women per workshop.


Workshop I - Sunday October 8th 2017 11-5pm

Workshop II - Sunday November 12th 2017 11-5pm

Workshop III- Sunday December 10th 2017 11-5pm

Workshop IV - Sunday January 14th 2018 10.30 -5.30pm

Workshop V - Sunday February 11th 2018 10.30 - 5.30pm

FH SPACE, 9 Havelock Walk, Forest Hill, SE23 3HG

£60 per workshop (£50 if booked and paid before 1st Jan 2018)

You can attend one, two or all workshops. Each will be unique and will address one or two different archetype each time.

To book your place please email me at lewisbarfoot@gmail.com

I can offer these workshops for groups of men - if you would like that please get in touch.

the expressive self

Drawing on 14 years experience of creating, directing and performing in theatre and 7 years personal exploration for greater freedom and limitless presence in every moment. The workshops I facilitate are an opportunity to play, discover, and experiment in a safe place with other creative artists. We will draw upon strong archetypal forces as a way to harness the primal energies within us and translate them into artistic work through your body, voice. With the intention to unlock a deeper level of connection, truth and clarity to your artistry.

You may wish to bring some material you are working on already: be it a song, a play, an idea, a monologue or a movement sequence. Or you may just wish to respond to the work I present. Either way is perfect.

All I ask is that you are totally present and supportive to yourself and the other artists in the workshop.

playful presence

This workshop is an invitation to play. To be surprised, take a risk, throw yourself into the unknown and discover jewels of joy that are available to you. As a fully licensed silly-billy I will take us on a joyous 3hr journey of play: There will be games, exercises & playful opportunities using the body and voice to discover your gift of being totally present in front of an audience.

single sex groups. The Archetypes with include: Magician, Warrior, Queen/King, Lover, Crone, Sage, Golden Child and Goddess and God archetypes. The work will initially focus on the positive pole of each archetype, there will be some reference to the shadow side but the shadow work on these will be a different workshop. (Maximum 14 people)

embodied actor

I am teaming up with Movement Practioner, Director and Actor Vincent Manna to facilitate a week's artistic residency in a tranquil valley in Devon, surrounded by woods, rolling hills, and a short hop to the sea.  We will use our experience and knowledge of the body and voice, and of each otherʼs work to build a process rooted in giving those who come the opportunities to delve deeper into their artistry and seek a greater truth and connection in performance. We will work as an ensemble, in small groups, pairs and solo. Working with both text and movement.


*Spring Retreat - 1st -7th April 2018*

*Summer Retreat - 22nd-28th July 2018*

Coombe Farm Studios, Dittisham, Devon

£750 including tuition, accomodation and food.

The food is excellent - we have our own chef cooking for us and

the farm has their own vegetable patch and hens for fresh eggs

The accommodation is in a single story long barn by the studios.

You will each have your own room with shared bathroom facilities.

You will need to arrange your own transport

It will be 5 full days of joint tuition with Vince and I, with evenings off to go for walks, relax, walk to the pub in a nearby village, or use the studio.

For more infomation email us at vincentandlewis@gmail.com

I run theatre and self expressive workshops, coach actors and non-actors alike in group and one-on-one sessions: addressing all aspects of performance, self confidence, the voice & voicing the authentic voice. I have led workshops in acting, physical theatre, devising and Shakespeare for 1927 Theatre, Aquila Theatre (NYC), Youth Music Theatre (UK), The British Council and the British Ballet Organisation. As well as offering these specific workshops I create bespoke workshops to meet the specific needs of each group, individual or company.