Creative workshops for women exploring major archetypes through body and voice. These are empowering days full of courage and play, suffused with ritual, dance, song and ceremony in celebration of the divine feminine experience.

The day will include guided vocal and physical warm ups, group work, movement, free dance, sharing circles, singing simple folk songs, guided visualisations, writing responses and time to share and reflect in confidence with a circle of supportive women. It is a space to dive into your fullness as a woman and be all you are without judgement or comparison. Suitable for all women, you really don't need to be an "artist" or "performer" to attend they are for all women. We meet in confidence to journey together in sacred circle as a sisterhood.

Archetype workshops

Now available to book, If you are an organisation, venue, theatre or Drama School and would like to book the workshops please contact lewis on Each workshop is 3 hours and explores one archetype. Some archetypes are available as two 3hr  workshops* for a deeper exploration.

What will it involve:

Each workshop includes guided vocal and physical warm ups and warm down specific for each workshop, Movement, dancing, singing, ritual, dialogue, reflection, guided visualisations and ceremonies in honour of the divine feminine and divine masculine experience. I will guide participants through a series of explorations, visualisations, experiences to encounter each archetype from their own source, addressing both the positive and shadow pole of the archetype.

Female workshops available:

     Maiden*, Queen*, Lover,     Wild Woman*, Priestess/Wise Woman, Goddess*, Warrior, Crone, Huntress

Male workshops available:

Hero, King, Lover, Magician, Warrior

Embodied Archetype Workshop Options


1 day - 1 x 3hr workshop (basic introduction - maiden, queen, huntress or wild woman)

2 days - 2 x 3hr workshops. (two of the above)

1 days -  2 x 3hr workshop. (two of the above)


2 day - 4 x 3hr workshops. (two of the above plus 2 more, or all 4)

3 day continuous -(ie, FRI/SAT/SUN) - 5 x 3hr workshops and a closing ceremony

3 day separate - (ie, 3 SAT’s) - 6 x 3hr workshops.


5-10 DAY residential - Lots of options. Extended explorations into some archetypes, or 3hr workshops on each of them. Can be tailored to meet the bespoke needs of the clients including more vocal or physical training or for actors it can include application to performance, application to monologues, application to character.

Audition Technique Masterclass

A whole day Audition technique masterclass with theatre director and actress Lewis Barfoot.

Refine your monologues for your Drama school audition.

Get a chance to try things out in a safe environment, get feedback and direction for your pieces,

overcome your fears, ask questions

and learn crucial info about how to shine at your best in the audition process.

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