I offer one to one coaching addressing aspects of health, wellbeing and self expression. Build confidence, overcome anxiety and empower yourself in all areas of your life.

Subjects and approaches I cover include

Breath work

Empowerment in body and voice

Self soothing techniques

Confidence building

Releasing blocked emotions

Life and Creative Coaching

Artistic Mentoring

Help you to stop playing small

Overcoming FEAR of public speaking

Gaining confidence to speak up at work

Learn how to use the Archetypes at work and at home

Understanding how Shadows can negatively impact your life

Support to stop playing the victim

Drawing on 15 years of experience in creating, directing and performing transformative theatre and music I support clients in gaining self confidence in speaking their truth on and off stage. In some sessions I draw upon my expertise as a medical Doctor to facilitate a shift in the way clients hold beliefs about their body and wellbeing. We can work on releasing blocked emotions; rage and shame being the most commonly explored. In some sessions we focus purely on archetypal work and how that can engage an empowering shift in conciousness. Often we will work with shadows, integrating them into wholeness and harmony and redeploying them to be of service to our highest selves. It is my intention to empower you to take care of your own wellbeing. Each session will be tailormade to meet your needs.


1hr Introductory Consultation - £60/€70

1hr Session - £75/€85

How many sessions do I need?

That depends your needs. I recommend a minimum of 4 sessions

Specifically For Actors

1hr Session - £50/€60

Audition technique + Approaches to Shakespeare + Drama school Mock Auditions

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What previous Clients & Students have said:

"You created such a special, warm & safe atmosphere" Private coaching student

"I just wanted to say, your work matters, makes a difference and has a ripple effect across lives" - EAW participant

"Lewis holds the most powerful, authentic space I’ve ever been in. I felt safe, encouraged, honoured, free and open. Deepest gratitude for your authentic embodied being and for sharing your gifts so powerfully, clearly and humbly in a way, which by its very nature lifts us all. Namaste” - Deirdre Ryan, EAW participant

“I have put in practice all I have learned with you.

Last Friday I was asked to do a goodbye speech, I was caught by surprise and had not prepared anything. But I took deep breaths, made eye contact and just spoke. I was happy to see that they found my jokes funny -and even things I did not think were funny generated laughter and smiles. It was a great feeling and it´s all because of our communication sessions. Really, many thousand thanks for sharing your knowledge with me" - Solicitor

"Most importantly you taught me that it's not only ok to make mistakes, it's wonderful! - Drama Student

"You've opened me up to a world of possibilities" Drama Student