What will it involve

Each workshop includes guided vocal and physical warm ups and warm downs specific for each workshop, Movement, dancing, singing, ritual, dialogue, reflection, guided visualisations and ceremonies in honour of the divine feminine and divine masculine experience. I will guide participants through a series of explorations, visualisations, and experiences to encounter each archetype from their own source, addressing both the positive and shadow pole of the archetype.  


“My current self, my past self and my future self are very grateful” - Fran

“Powerful force, beautiful, magical, lovingly held SACRED space” Lucy

“So comprehensive, a wonderful journey and incredibly sustaining. Thank you”  - Kiran

“Amazing workshop - I am going home with courage and commitment to my Queen”  - Priyanka

“Loved the clear, embodied facilitation”  - Natasha

“Timely and incredibly helpful”  - Andrew

“Such a transformative Workshop. Thanks for holding the space so well”  - Astra

My Relationship to The Archetypes

My explorations into the world of archetypes started in 2009 after working with Kath Burlinson from the Authentic Artist Collective. She recommended I read “ Women Who Run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes - this was a major turning point for me in my life and the beginning of a journey to reclaim my power; discovering and welcoming back the lost aspects of my soul and healing the wounds that had been ignored or hidden over the years. This work is ongoing and I imagine will  always be as I continue to let go and reassess what is true for me at each point of my life.

Kath, myself and a group of other artists including spend two years making WOLF which was an immersive, sensual and deeply visceral piece of physical theatre with song and sound. (Music by the wonderful Kerry Andrews) We performed it in woodlands,  graveyards, caves, theatres and at West Brompton Cemetery at midnight.  It was my first step into the wild with my pack. I had found my artistic family and felt a sense of deep belonging for the first time in my life since childhood.  I have gone on to create new work and explore artistic form with Kath over the course of many years, shows, workshops and most recently the Pathmaking programme.

Kath facilitated my debut solo theatre show - The History of the Pomegranate - in which I explored the Persephone Myths and her descent into the underworld. I drew upon the Maiden, Mother and Crone as a source of great fuel and learning for both creating the show and facilitating a deep healing and maturity for me as a women. In 2012 I went on to make The Seventh Muse for YMT UK  which was inspired by ‘Goddesses in Everywoman” by Jean Shinoda Bolen. It was an all-female show drawing on the archetypal energies of seven Goddesses. It was phenomenal how the work opened up performance possibilities for people not only in creating character, but for accessing a deeper universal truth amongst us as humans, women and storytellers.  

By this point I was consuming all books I could lay my hands on that spoke of archetypes and in 2014 I created and directed Harvest Fire for YMT with 36 young men and women which explored the power and vulnerability of the Warrior, Magician, Lover and King/Queen, inspired by Robert Moore’s book and it was here that I began to appreciate both the similarities and  differences in exploring archetypal work from the male or female perspective. The Hero’s journey is not the same as the Heroine’s Journey. Point blank.

In 2017 I began to facilitate the Embodied Archetypes Workshops for both men and women but the men didn't show up. Quite of their own accord, they became spces for women to meet, explore and share.  It is worth pointing out that they are very much available to men when then men appear.  Or perhaps I’ll set up an all male one and see what happens…

In 2018 I created WILD exploring the Wild Women Archetype with 35 young women. Inspired by “Women Who Run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

On a personal, creative level I have journeyed with Persephone for many years and learned about the underworld, about my underworld subconscious. I’ve learned that I have a gift of sight, of healing and possess an ability to see deeply into people, sometimes with medical intuition and sometimes with colours, images and dream messages for people. But I couldn’t find a way out of the underworld.  In more recent years I’ve travelled with Hecate who was the missing link for me in the Persephone myth. She was the one who helped me out of the Underworld and gave me the courage to step up into my fullness, Releasing any vestiges of the maiden and stepping beyond the mother into early Crone. If such a thing exists. To honour this journey I wrote a song for Hecate and made a music video to accompany it. So what now? The Celtic goddesses Brigid, Cailleach and the Morrigan are making their way into my life and we will see what the next years unfold.

The Embodied Archetype workshops are creative, sacred explorations of the major archetypes in their positive and shadow poles through body and voice. Empowering days, full of courage and play, suffused with ritual, dance, song and ceremony in celebration of the divine feminine experience. Drawing strongly on the myths and legends surrounding the Archetypes with the intent to be the highest version of ourselves, to gain the courage to stand and speak our truth and let go of old patterns and habits that no longer serve. Workshops we've explored include: Queen, Warrrior, Wise Woman, Priestess, Lover, Crone, Maiden,  Holy Fool, Wild Woman, Huntress, and specific Goddesses including Brigid, the Morrigan, Artemis and Athena.

12th January 2020 - Huntress & Priestess - FH Space, London - 11-6pm - £60

18th January 2020 - Huntress - Triskle Arts, Cork - 3-6pm - €35

2nd February 2020 - Goddess Brigid - An Sanctoir, Ballydehob - 12-3pm - €35

9th February 2020 - WILD WOMAN - Triskel Arts, Cork - 1-8pm - €60

14th February 2020 - Lover - Aho, London - 7-10pm - £35

16th February 2020 - Creatrix - FH Space, London - 11-6pm - £60

1st March 2020 - Priestess - Triskle Arts, Cork - 3-6pm - €35

8th March 2020 - WILD WOMAN - An Sanctoir, Ballydehob - 11-6pm - €60

28th March 2020 - The Holy Fool - Triskle Arts, Cork - 1-8pm - €60